I am an artist from Oaxaca, Mexico based in Montreal. Thanks to my bachelor's degree in graphic design, I was able to experiment and develop my artistic skills by playing with colors and shapes on different media.

Living in Montreal for several years now, I regularly put in relation Mexican folk culture and the more modern and cosmopolitan culture of the city and the actual life. Whether through digital art or my works on canvas, I emphasize interesting graphic compositions combining geometric shapes, playing with contrast and liveliness of colors.

My style, often more illustrative, gives an original and jovial quality to my works which present icons of traditional and popular culture.

Recently, I am more inspired by the human body. My current series of illustrations show, sensual and funny moments of everyday life. While retaining my colors, geometrical shapes, organic textures and the outlines that characterize me, this new approach has allowed me to showcase diversity and my pride in being part of the Queer world. Through portraits of people from the LGBTQ + community and from various cultural backgrounds, I managed to better express this pride while regaining a form of emancipation as a gay artist from a visible minority.


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